I'm still in awwww of her confidence

It started off as any other model call. She arrived at a morning session, walked up my stairs and I was greeted by a tall woman that had natural beauty. We laid out her items and I looked at what she brought. I always choose the least "perfect" outfit to start as they are always stiff and unsure at first. I typically start a client at a wall, bent knees and pinched thighs. There the most awkward poses but a really good way to get started. Im very body aware when a client comes out for the first time, standing in front of me half naked. You can tell right away which parts they are insecure of...NOT this time, she stood there and was ready to go. She has the mummy tummy, years of work and beautiful creation of humans. Her stretch marks where very prominent and she has the very NORMAL mummy tummy extra skin. But this queen did not give two shits, she posed, she laughed, she wore her skin proud. I couldn't believe her strength. Or, I mean I could, I just don't see enough of it. Her pictures ended up amazing, over 100 of perfect, beautiful images. My most favorite are of her and that tummy, proud, strong and powerful!

“I definitely have body issues, but everybody does. When you come to the realization that everybody does—even the people that I consider flawless—then you can start to live with the way you are.” — Taylor Swift