The Experience

You are probably wondering how in the heck you are going to prepare for this life-changing, intimate experience. Don't worry, I've got you! When it comes to hair/makeup, I have a in-house artist that is included in your experience so that you feel like a goddess when we begin shooting! If you'd rather do your own (or want some tips from me about what will look great on camera), that is also totally fine. As part of your Experience at Boudoir Blue Studios, I offer an Exclusive Collection of items to choose from in the Client Closet. This is a collection of outfits that you are welcome to wear (pieces range from S-4XL). My clients love the pearl bra, the stunning lingerie selections and luxurious acceessories to complete your look.

The experience I offer is centered around the connection. I want to connect with you, but even more importantly, I want you to connect (or reconnect) with yourself. Whether you are feeling on top of the world, or at rock bottom...there is a place for you here. Before we begin your photoshoot, you will probably feel nervous, vulnerable, and unsure of yourself. Once we begin though, you will see how liberating this experience is! I am going to guide you through every single part of this incredible process. I will pose you, guide you, laugh with you (and heck, cry with you, too!).

Her words

"It was my first time doing a boudoir and Andrea made the whole experience amazing - as soon as you walk in the door! She honestly makes you feel so comfortable in your own skin and you truly feel like your on your own couch at home, half naked. She has a strong passion for what she does and it shows through her lens. I highly recommend this Gal. And for those who are worried about how to pose - Andrea helps you every step of the way, don't worry about it! Just let her do her thing. ❤️❤️❤️ Check her lastest work out on Instagram!" 📸

women on couch in Red Deer Studio

Her Words

"I can't even begin to tell you how emotional the past few days have been since my reveal. The other day when Andrea posted, I had no idea that was me in the photo When it popped up on my feed again, I realized it was me, I couldn't help but cry. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You made me feel so beautiful, and I will never let that go away. I never realized how at war I was with my own body. You changed all that. I see myself in a completely different light! I'm stronger& more confident now."

The Studio

My Studio is located in my home in south Red Deer. Alberta. I have over 400 square feet of beautifully decorated space. The studio has so many options for different decore and I try to match your vibe. I have large tropical plants, stunning unique chairs and I only shoot on a mattress on the floor as this helps YOU stand out the most and we can play with lots of different poses.

My exclusive client closet is located at the front of the studio and it has over 100 pieces to choose from ranging from cozy sweaters to bold gold and pearl bras! You never will have to stress on what to bring to the studio as this is entirely at your disposal when you arrive. It is warm, private, and very inviting and has all the items to bring out your inner Beyonce.

I pride myself on only using natural light and creating dark and moody images. I want to create art with you and I want to showcase your true and natural beauty. From the stretch marks to your life scars, which have become the stories you tell and a part of who you are.

I believe all bodies are ART and deserve a space on your wall.

Her Words...

Andrea was more than amazing to work with. As it was my first boudoir, I didn’t know what to expect and I was so incredibly nervous. Andrea made the entire experience flow so comfortably and natural. She captured moments & images of myself I never have seen before. I felt like a goddess from the time I got to her studio and for days afterward.

The Reveal

About 1-2 week after the session, you will be invited back to my studio (or zoom for my out-of-town clients) and we will get comfy and watch a slide of all the jaw-dropping art we have created! You will have all the feels while seeing your images for the first time and I'm here to help you see the art in your images and navigate through all those emotions you will have.
Once the slide is over, you will take over the mouse and start hearting all your favorites, then we will see how many images you LOVED/HEARTED, what collection you would like, and if payment plans are something that will work well for you! There is no obligation to purchase any images at your reveal, but if you choose to have to vault opened back up after your reveal session then there is a $100 charge to come back so you will want to be prepared to make some decisions at your reveal! Images are deleted from my drive 3 months after reveal appointments. Feel free to bring a spouse or friend to your reveal/ordering appointment! 

Her Words...

My partner gifted me a session with Andrea for Christmas, not only did I receive a wonderful session and jaw dropping photos… but a life changing experience that will stay with me forever. I see myself differently now, Andrea didn’t heavily edit my photos rather she helped me look past what I had considered “flaws”, parts of me I didn’t like, parts I now appreciate so much more. She emits such an amazingly comforting aura, has a way of encouraging a genuine smile and when needed a serious yet sexy face. I had so much fun and it felt like I was hanging out with a lifelong friend. Self taught yet you’d think she was schooled and experienced beyond her years in this field. When I left me shoot I felt more confident than I’ve felt in a while, and that feeling hasn’t left me yet. My partner and I were in such awe at the reveal, which only served to increase the positive feeling towards myself. I cannot wait to receive my photo album and cherish it for years and years to come. Looking back at it when I’m 40, 50, even 60 years old and remembering what a special time it was. I recommend her to everyone and look forward to another session in the future ! ♥️