1.Choosing the right Photographer

Now I know this and could sound a little biased, but the fact of the matter is, YOU have to make sure you hire a professional Photographer and their style is exactly what you are looking for! After all, this will be art on your walls! Now of course I hope you would pick me, but if my style isn't your "cup of tea", then just remember SAFETY is first and foremost, make sure the photographer has lots of testimonials with quality imagery on their platforms. Have a good open line of communication from them, and never have questions unanswered. The last thing I would consider is making sure the Photographer has a very DETAILED questionnaire, you never, EVER, want to walk into a shoot and have no idea what is about to happen and the overflow of the day! So very important 🙌

2.Practice those poses

Ok! I know this sounds totally crazy, and yes I want you to stand in front of a mirror and practice all the things! You wanna look at that mirror with zero judgment and zero expectations! Coming into a Boudoir session should be effortless and you should feel calm and excited and a bit nervous! By practicing arches, bends, toe pointing, you give yourself a tiny bit of confidence, you will know which muscle to flex and how it will feel. As silly as it sounds, sit in front of that mirror and pretend you are Beyonce, Marylin, or even victoria's secret model. Pucker those lips, flip that hair and just have fun! Doing this a couple of days before your shoot will help a ton! Your Photographer will LOVE you for it also ✨

3.Having all the right outfits!

Walking into a Boudoir shoot with all options is the best feeling ever! I speak from experience. If you know it fits, then you will sooooo much better! I typically would ask a client their body type and get them to send me pictures of options they have. I can tell you what looks good on your skin tone and body type. What you may think looks "good" just might night hit all the curves in the right spot! This is why it's so important to reach out, ask for advice and give yourself lots of time for shopping and ordering if that is what you are doing. Bringing a good black fitted bra is also a very good idea, you may wanna boost the girls up under some bodysuits or other pieces. Cotton panty sets and lacey bralettes are always a favorite and if you're really struggling, I offer a client closet with your session fee and it has over 100 pieces to look over, ranging in sizes sm-3xl. My absolute favorite outfit to shoot a woman in is a simple white sheet or nudes. So the options are endless in the right studio!

4.A little self-care

Now I know this may sound easy, but the truth of the matter is, women never put themselves first and we tend to forget about a little self-care every once in a while. So before coming to your shoot, make sure to HYDRATE days before, having the kiss glow is not a preset I created! Wash your hair a couple of days before and leave it! It's so much easy to create effortless waves and curles. Stretch lots and be prepared mentally for some crazy poses and 2 hours of it! So making sure you are stretched out and relaxed will make a world of difference.


Confidence will be gained DURING and AFTER your shoot, but coming with a tiny little bit is the icing on the cake. So many times I have women come to my studio, with little to no confidence, it only takes a few minutes warming up to you and poof, there is a little glimmer of confidence! So don't think you can't do this, we all have a little confidence in the right surroundings and with the right people. I want you to sparkle like a god damn diomond and know that I understand this is hard but it's gonna be MAJOR and you are going to have the best time ever!