The Start to finish experience at BB studios

I had a thought, and it is to share with you the start to finish experience when you book with Boudoir Blue Studios. Hi my name is Andrea and our first interactions are typically going to be through Instagram, email, Facebook or possibly even text. I make it very easy for my clients to get a hold of me and my response time is extremely quick as I am excited to hear about you and why you want to do this self love experience. My goal and vision always have been for the experience to be simple and easy for the client. Some of our interactions will involve choosing a date that works right for you and time. Once that is all booked and paid for, I promptly send out my one month prep guide. This is to help remind you about things and get you thinking about stuff you would have never thought of, like keeping well hydrated weeks before your session and making sure you don't shave those no-no spots too soon. 


Shortly after the guide is emailed out I also send out my contract and my questionnaire. This is so I can get to know you a little bit better before the session. I want to make the experience just that much better for you. Once we are a couple of days away from the session, you will receive yet another friendly email just reminding you of some small things to try and remember for the day of and a couple days leading up. This is to help ease and anxiety or stress you may be having or things you might have forgotten about. I want you feeling cool and comfortable coming into the session and being as prepared as you possibly can.

Walking into my studio I have found ALL women are usually quite nervous, so I will greet you with a friendly smile, take your bags, introduce you to Lisa, my hair and makeup artist and show you a quick little walk around through the studio. Then at that time we will lay out what you have brought to see and get excited about the outfit choices you have brought. Then straight into hair and makeup and at this time you'll spend a relaxing hour with myself and Lisa and your complimentary drink of choice which I find out what you would like in my questionnaire. Then we just chill, relax and get to know each other. Once makeup is done Lisa packs up her stuff and leaves. 

We will decide which outfit you want to start with, I like to start with your "least" favorite outfit as the beginning of a session typically involves getting those "I'm not comfy yet" photos, so I always like to save those juicy outfits for the middle and end! A session with me typically starts with a quick briefing on how I'm gonna go over certain types of poses and what parts of your body you will need to pay attention to. Some things you will do 1000 times during the session is, pointing toes watching our chins and simply just relaxing. ( I DO ALL POSES FOR YOU BEFORE I ASK YOU TO ) After my quick briefing I typically will start with the same pose on my couch or alongside the floor against my new walls. I usually just get the vibe as soon as a client comes in and I know how I am going to start. We will do some quick arches and I'll ask if you have any knee issues or back issues. When the session is in full swing you won't even remember all the fears you had walking through those doors hours prior. My calm demeanor and goofy self get anyone comfortable. You will giggle, smile and maybe some tears but there are always self-journey tears. 

We try on at least 3 outfits and if you've decided to try a little naked we can do some implied nudes, full nudes and we can also do nakey in the sheets. If you follow my Instagram you'll know that naked sheet pictures are some of my favorites. The more you can warm up and let go of yourself during the session the better the photos I can provide. No matter your comfort level we will get some amazing photos! 

I do have a client wardrobe with sizes xs 3xl. I have new pieces arriving monthly. We definitely don't just need to shoot in lingerie anymore, there are so many different textures and layers that a person can still come across as beautiful, sexy and powerful. 

I have you covered! I have everything from full dresses, tulle skirts, long silk materials to wrap your body in. I also have a set of pearl bras that will fit any size, a gold bra that will fit any size. I have beautiful necklaces, fishnets and every day comfy off the shoulder sweaters. I am constantly scouring looking for those best pieces for my clients.

Once the session wraps up after 1.5 to two hours typically, we will get your stuff gathered and set up a time to meet in 3 days for your in-person reveal. The reveal will be at the studio and your loved ones are welcome if you so choose. At this time you will decide if you would like to invest in imagery or packages. There is zero obligation to purchase photos and the nice treat is, you get two images with my retainer fee! 

So I hope this was informative and gave you a little peek into a session with me and the entire experience from start to finish.

Andrea Dawn