A butt of art

OK! So what started out as a pretty normal day for me at my studio, quickly changed when she arrived. I had every color of paint out and I was ready to get this creative session going. First we started with a nice soft session, simple. Lighting was perfect and the day was magic. I had re-arranged my entire studio just for this session. Like most, we started off in a chair, then moved around, posing was a cluttered mess of thoughts that came out of my brain. Sometimes, I just stare at a client waiting for it to come to me. I'm not like most "experienced" photographs, the ones that move through poses like they do up there pants. I'm a human and definitely have mental blocks. I'm working on it and only with time and practice, I will nail my posing flow! So we finished up the "normal" session. We had a short break and then got right to it. I had the image in my brain and needed her to make it happen. With the new restriction's, I was unable to help her apply the paint but could give complete direction. She squeezed away, color after color. It was magic before my eye's. She kept getting it on the floor "sorry, sorry" she would say, "it's ok, its adding to the story" I would tell her. Once she was finished we got straight to the shoot, it was so fun. It was truly an amazing experience, stepping outside the normal and allowing myself to be MY kinda of creative. So the picture above tells all. I hope you enjoyed my story and keep an eye out on my Instagram for more photos, of this magical and underrated experience!

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