She was stunning in front of the lens

Serendipity , a noun " the faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for"

Well that sure sums up this blog. It was right after the restrictions were let up a bit regarding Covid-19. Finally the artist's of the world could once again could photograph and create. I had a urge inside me to get right back at it, the problem was, not many were ready and willing to enter back into the world. A world of fear and confusion. I had photographed my friends many times, people I had worked with, and even a handful of the hockey mom's I had met over the years. My heart was craving more, something new, someone new. So I got to it, I put out a model call on my Instagram. It read " curvy, tattooed woman willing to sign full model release, nudes and all " So I waited, emails came in quit quickly, I was so excited... I read, and read, and read. Not one spoke to me, sure they were all beautiful and basically what I asked for, but nothing was speaking to me. I needed something different. Then the email that changed my life. Changed my life? yeah, I know that sound's a bit dramatic! It's true though, her story captured my attention from the very fist sentence, she was liberated AF. I mean she has a name, we won't mention it on here. In her own words what Liberated AF stands for " being liberated AF isn't something that just happens overnight, it's a life long journey of being told you're not good enough, you don't belong, you're too much, you should be this way or that and showing up as yourself anyway! It's being yourself, like fully being YOU in a society that want's you to be anything but." Wow, like nothing I had heard before. So that was it, I had to meet this woman and capture her beauty and story. I still remember the day she walked into my home studio, it was friendship at first sight. We hugged, like in a middle of a pandemic, we hugged! I could get into the shoot, but that is for another blog. Our friendship started after that day, we shared common interest and seemed very compatible, very different, but very much the same. I needed someone like her in my life and I really had no idea. I know this friendship has so much more instore for both of us, for now, we will wait for this global pandemic to end!